Georgina Rodriguez introduced the Ice Wonderland skating rink to her 50 million followers on Instagram

Georgina Rodriguez delighted her fans on Instagram by sharing a beautiful video from her home in Madrid. In the video, she showcased her private Ice Wonderland skating rink, which was set up exclusively for her and her family. Their private exclusive skating rink further enriched their home and allowed them to enjoy skating from the comfort of their own home.

Given her huge number of followers, which counts over 50 million, it’s not surprising that this video quickly went viral and gathered more than a million likes in a very short time.

Ice Wonderland, a leading company in the production and design of skating rinks, proudly participated in creating this winter magic for Georgina Rodriguez and her family. We wish the entire family a handful of unforgettable moments on the ice.

Watch the video below.

Ice Wonderland Skating Rinks with LED Lighting – a new dimension of skating

Ice Wonderland, a company specialized in the production and design of skating rinks, not only leads the latest trends but also invests significant resources in product development and innovation creation. One of our newest additions to our skating rinks for the second year in a row is LED lighting, which we install within the ice surface. This lighting technology brings an incredible aesthetic and magic to skating, making it even more special, which greatly delights our customers.

“Although we have been offering our clients the option to install LED lighting within the ice for 2 years, this year we additionally tested some extra elements and configurations in real conditions. It’s not the same when something is produced and tested under ideal conditions – inside our factory, and when it needs to be durable and outdoors in external conditions. Therefore, this year we installed part of our LED equipment for a significantly long period within a skating rink where external temperatures, weather conditions, and ice thickness change significantly from day to day. We are satisfied with the results we have achieved and next year we will offer even more sophisticated LED equipment on the market that will further enrich our Ice Wonderland skating rinks!” stated Ice Wonderland director Natko Bošnjak.

By combining RGB lights, we can achieve a wide range of colors and program them as desired, thus creating unique lighting effects on the skating rinks. In addition to making the rinks aesthetically more attractive, LED lights add a special charm and beauty, making them extremely photogenic. We strive to keep up with trends and constantly work on creating unique experiences for our customers. By installing LED lighting in the ice, we create a new dimension of skating that leaves a lasting impression on all visitors.

Ice Wonderland exclusively private skating rink for Georgina Rodriguez

Ice Wonderland, a renowned company specialized in the design, production, and installation of skating rinks, recently set up one of its exclusive private skating rinks in Madrid in the backyard of Georgina Rodriguez and her family. This exclusive skating rink represents a blend of high-quality craftsmanship and elegant design, providing an unforgettable skating experience for private use.

“This was a unique opportunity for us to showcase our expertise and creativity in creating personalized skating rinks for our clients,” said Rahela Bošnjak, director of Ice Wonderland. “Georgina Rodriguez and her family were pleased not only with the skating rink but also with the additional services we provided, such as professional skating instructors, thematic decorations, and extra entertainment with our Ice Wonderland penguin mascot, which the children were especially delighted with!”

This exclusive collaboration attracted the attention of the world media and confirmed Ice Wonderland’s position as a leader in the skating rink industry. “We are proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Georgina Rodriguez and provide her with a unique skating experience,”

Ice Wonderland continues to work on innovative solutions and personalized skating rinks to meet the demands of its clients around the world and to continue leading trends in the skating rink industry.

Additional promotion and profit with the Ice Wonderland rinks

How clients from all over Europe achieved additional promotion and profit with the Ice Wonderland rinks

How clients from all over Europe achieved additional promotion and profit with the Ice Wonderland rinks

Numerous shopping centres, catering facilities, hotels and organized events have recognized “Ice Wonderland” as an indispensable partner in improving and enriching their offer, and thus their entire business. In its offer, “Ice Wonderland” includes the rental and sale of ice rinks and ice parks of all sizes (for open and closed spaces), providing a complete service, which includes designing the ice rink according to the location and infrastructure of the client, assembly and disassembly, management and maintenance of the ice rink, additional equipment, as well as the organization and implementation of entertainment and sports programs.

Numerous clients from all over Europe have been trying to provide additional entertainment and unforgettable experiences to their customers, clients, visitors and other target groups for more than 10 years.

The experience of many long-term clients shows that ice rink visitors came more often to shopping and catering facilities, spent more and stayed longer, while the ice rink was an added marketing potential for hotels to promote winter offers, and it enabled guests to have a nicer and more fun vacation.

Given that skaters are mostly children, skating time was ideal for parents to go shopping or enjoy the catering offer, which had a significant impact on the growth of the facilities’ profits. Likewise, analysis of their social networks showed that location tagging, reach and engagement of posts increased several times.

The reason for this is the fact that visitors often share photos and videos on social networks when they visit the ice rink and publish their experiences, promoting the restaurant, shopping centre, hotel or event. Experiences and memories provided by this fun winter sports-recreational activity is possible for you in the coming season with the “Ice Wonderland” ice rinks.

Ice Wonderland season with 14 skating rinks

Successful Ice Wonderland season – from new production space on 4.000 m2 to ice rinks in 6 european countries

Successful Ice Wonderland season – from new production space on 4.000 m2 to ice rinks in 6 european countries

The leading company for the rental and sale of ice rinks, “Ice Wonderland”, once again exceeded the set business goals this year and achieved excellent results in the production, design, construction, installation and management of ice rinks and ice parks throughout Europe.

“Ice Wonderland” rinks and ice parks were set up this season in 6 European countries with a total of 35 cities, where they provided top-level service for skating on high-quality ice, with modern equipment and high-quality technical equipment.

Ice rinks are an indispensable winter animation in public city squares and parks every year, but more and more private organizers of winter events are also deciding to enrich their offer with ice rinks and ice parks.

What gives “Ice Wonderland” ice rinks added value are entertainment services – the organization of fun, sports and thematic events on the ice, which makes skating on “Ice Wonderland” ice rinks an unforgettable experience for visitors. This is also confirmed by more than 100 additional programs that gathered thousands of visitors to the “Ice Wonderland” rinks this year.

“Logistical preparation and production for the season takes the whole year, so that we can deliver and set up the ice rinks in a short period. This year we are particularly proud of our success, because the “Ice Wonderland” story has spread to 6 European countries and we have become recognized as a leading company to produce ice surfaces and reliable partners of numerous counties, cities and companies, thus our clients. The season in which we achieved top results is behind us, with which we also announce new business steps and projects that are being prepared for the season 2023/2024.”

To centralize the production of ice rinks and business processes, as well as due to the increased demand for “Ice Wonderland” ice rinks and the increase in the scope of business by expanding to numerous European markets, the “Ice Wonderland” logistics and production centre was opened on more than 4,000 m2 in Zagreb. In this way, the “Ice Wonderland” centre became an incubator of innovative solutions for ice surfaces of the highest quality and modern technology. In addition to production, this business centre has storage space, as well as offices for logistics, human resources management, marketing and administration.

The opening of this centre also marked the official start of our own production of mobile and fixed ice rinks, ice parks and slides adapted to all client requirements and location specifics. As part of a complete 360 service, we offer clients the possibility of creating project documentation, designing project solutions, along with an individual offer in which it is possible to incorporate colours, materials and branding according to the client’s wishes.

“By opening this centre, we completed 10 years of business and achieved our goal: to provide conditions for the production of high-quality ice rinks and ice surfaces in Croatia. With the dedicated work and persistence of the entire “Ice Wonderland” team, we succeeded in this. With this step, we opened a new chapter of our business, which turned out to be a more than necessary and successful move, because we can emphasize that the 2022/2023 season was the most successful so far. This centralization of business processes and production enabled us to quickly expand to the European market, as well as the opportunity to present the quality of Croatian production to Europe,” said Natko Bošnjak, director of “Ice Wonderland”, about the domestic production of ice rinks and the new logistics centre.

“Towards the new season, we are going bravely, diligently and with dedicated work towards the achievement of new goals.”

sports programs on ice

Ice Wonderland sports programs on ice for active winter

Ice Wonderland sports programs on ice for active winter

Fun sports activity and recreation in the fresh air are one of the main characteristics of skating, which is why it is loved by all generations. “Ice Wonderland” ice rinks attract thousands of visitors every winter who want to have fun on the ice.

There is never a shortage of additional content and events offered by the “Ice Wonderland” rink, so this season’s sports programs have delighted many. More than 30 skating schools were organized at ice rinks throughout Croatia and abroad, where small and large skaters practiced their first skating moves, while others improved their skills on the ice.

There was no shortage of fun and laughter at the other sports programs, of which there were almost 60 this year, which enriched the skating experience for the visitors and provided unforgettable moments. So, the ice bikes were always on the move, for races on ice tracks an additional seat was required, just like in the ice bocce competition.

Sports programs will be further enriched next season – with new props that are already in preparation!

Ice Wonderland entertainment programs have turned the rink into an ice stage

Ice Wonderland entertainment programs have turned the rink into an ice stage

Ice Wonderland entertainment programs have turned the rink into an ice stage

With its entertainment programs, “Ice Wonderland” shows every year that skating can be a real spectacle, bringing a new dimension of fun and experience to the ice every season. This year, “Ice Wonderland” provided a unique program at the ice rinks with foreign artists, who left no one indifferent with their dance, costume design and skating pirouettes.

Bright costumes, attractive musical rhythms and stage performances turned the “Ice Wonderland” ice rink into a stage on ice. More than 40 entertainment programs this year, for which there was always a great demand, show that ice skating is an extraordinary combination of culture, art, music and sport, with which “Ice Wonderland” enriched the offer of the destination, the winter program and raised winter event tourism to a higher level.

Ice Wonderland penguin

Ice Wonderland penguin presented to the audience and became the seasonal hit

Ice Wonderland penguin presented to the audience and became the seasonal hit

The trademark of “Ice Wonderland”, the cute and cheerful “Ice Wonderland” penguin, was the main hit among the youngest visitors of the “Ice Wonderland” skating rink this year. The skaters couldn’t wait for the announced socializing with the penguin, who cheered them up at the openings, entertainment and sports programs, where there was no shortage of laughter and joy.

As part of his animation program, the “Ice Wonderland” penguin taught children how to skate and dance, distributed sweets and was always ready to “give me five” or a hug of encouragement to the little skaters.

Everyone was interested in taking photos with the penguin, so our penguin was certainly the most photographed face on the ice this season, whose photos from numerous Croatian cities, as well as those abroad, flooded social networks.

Children are counting down to the next meeting with the “Ice Wonderland” penguin, and the new season will bring even more exciting surprises and activities on the ice, which are already in preparation.

STOP SHOP Hrvatska chose “Ice Wonderland” ice rinks as an additional attraction

STOP SHOP Hrvatska chose “Ice Wonderland” ice rinks as an additional attraction at its locations and delighted all visitors

STOP SHOP Hrvatska chose “Ice Wonderland” ice rinks as an additional attraction at its locations and delighted all visitors

This winter, visitors to the newly opened STOP SHOP shopping centres enjoyed, in addition to the shops, skating on the “Ice Wonderland” rinks within the complex. The European trade brand recognized the benefits of investing in additional animation content and enriched its offer for visitors by partnering with “Ice Wonderland”, which made them the centre of holiday entertainment for all generations. Well-known sports and entertainment programs attracted many young and old skaters, so their visits to STOP SHOP shopping centres were even more fun.

By investing in additional content for visitors, STOP SHOP showed its desire to make the experience of going shopping fun for the whole family, and “Ice Wonderland” ensured unforgettable moments with its attractions on ice – entertainment and sports programs.

Thus, visitors throughout the season could practice and learn their skating skills in skating schools, enjoy pirouettes and ice shows by professional skaters, and hang out with the main attraction of the season, the “Ice Wonderland” penguin, which, the skaters said, was an added reason for coming to STOP SHOP shopping centres.

Ice Wonderland ice rink delighted the visitors of the Z centre 2nd year in a row

Ice Wonderland ice rink delighted the visitors of the Z centre second year in a row

Ice Wonderland ice rink delighted the visitors of the Z centre second year in a row

The successful cooperation between the “Ice Wonderland” skating rink and the “Z” shopping centre continued for the second year in a row. This year, visitors were delighted by the larger ice surface, which raised the skating experience to a new level, enabling rich additional possibilities and animation on the rink, which delighted many visitors.

The new winter season was officially opened by “Ice Wonderland” right on the ice rink of the “Z” centre, with a spectacular event that attracted numerous visitors of all ages, as well as famous people. Numerous visitors enjoyed the whole winter in the exceptional offer of Advent in the “Z” centre: gastronomic delicacies, singing performances and themed performances, as well as skating schools, a stage-entertainment program by foreign skaters and a favourite meeting with the “Ice Wonderland” penguin, which together rounded off and marked another great winter season.