Ice Wonderland, a company specialized in the production and design of skating rinks, not only leads the latest trends but also invests significant resources in product development and innovation creation. One of our newest additions to our skating rinks for the second year in a row is LED lighting, which we install within the ice surface. This lighting technology brings an incredible aesthetic and magic to skating, making it even more special, which greatly delights our customers.

“Although we have been offering our clients the option to install LED lighting within the ice for 2 years, this year we additionally tested some extra elements and configurations in real conditions. It’s not the same when something is produced and tested under ideal conditions – inside our factory, and when it needs to be durable and outdoors in external conditions. Therefore, this year we installed part of our LED equipment for a significantly long period within a skating rink where external temperatures, weather conditions, and ice thickness change significantly from day to day. We are satisfied with the results we have achieved and next year we will offer even more sophisticated LED equipment on the market that will further enrich our Ice Wonderland skating rinks!” stated Ice Wonderland director Natko Bošnjak.

By combining RGB lights, we can achieve a wide range of colors and program them as desired, thus creating unique lighting effects on the skating rinks. In addition to making the rinks aesthetically more attractive, LED lights add a special charm and beauty, making them extremely photogenic. We strive to keep up with trends and constantly work on creating unique experiences for our customers. By installing LED lighting in the ice, we create a new dimension of skating that leaves a lasting impression on all visitors.

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