Ice Wonderland, a renowned company specialized in the design, production, and installation of skating rinks, recently set up one of its exclusive private skating rinks in Madrid in the backyard of Georgina Rodriguez and her family. This exclusive skating rink represents a blend of high-quality craftsmanship and elegant design, providing an unforgettable skating experience for private use.

“This was a unique opportunity for us to showcase our expertise and creativity in creating personalized skating rinks for our clients,” said Rahela Bošnjak, director of Ice Wonderland. “Georgina Rodriguez and her family were pleased not only with the skating rink but also with the additional services we provided, such as professional skating instructors, thematic decorations, and extra entertainment with our Ice Wonderland penguin mascot, which the children were especially delighted with!”

This exclusive collaboration attracted the attention of the world media and confirmed Ice Wonderland’s position as a leader in the skating rink industry. “We are proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Georgina Rodriguez and provide her with a unique skating experience,”

Ice Wonderland continues to work on innovative solutions and personalized skating rinks to meet the demands of its clients around the world and to continue leading trends in the skating rink industry.

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