Additional promotion and profit with the Ice Wonderland rinks

How clients from all over Europe achieved additional promotion and profit with the Ice Wonderland rinks

Numerous shopping centres, catering facilities, hotels and organized events have recognized “Ice Wonderland” as an indispensable partner in improving and enriching their offer, and thus their entire business. In its offer, “Ice Wonderland” includes the rental and sale of ice rinks and ice parks of all sizes (for open and closed spaces), providing a complete service, which includes designing the ice rink according to the location and infrastructure of the client, assembly and disassembly, management and maintenance of the ice rink, additional equipment, as well as the organization and implementation of entertainment and sports programs.

Numerous clients from all over Europe have been trying to provide additional entertainment and unforgettable experiences to their customers, clients, visitors and other target groups for more than 10 years.

The experience of many long-term clients shows that ice rink visitors came more often to shopping and catering facilities, spent more and stayed longer, while the ice rink was an added marketing potential for hotels to promote winter offers, and it enabled guests to have a nicer and more fun vacation.

Given that skaters are mostly children, skating time was ideal for parents to go shopping or enjoy the catering offer, which had a significant impact on the growth of the facilities’ profits. Likewise, analysis of their social networks showed that location tagging, reach and engagement of posts increased several times.

The reason for this is the fact that visitors often share photos and videos on social networks when they visit the ice rink and publish their experiences, promoting the restaurant, shopping centre, hotel or event. Experiences and memories provided by this fun winter sports-recreational activity is possible for you in the coming season with the “Ice Wonderland” ice rinks.