sports programs on ice

Ice Wonderland sports programs on ice for active winter

Fun sports activity and recreation in the fresh air are one of the main characteristics of skating, which is why it is loved by all generations. “Ice Wonderland” ice rinks attract thousands of visitors every winter who want to have fun on the ice.

There is never a shortage of additional content and events offered by the “Ice Wonderland” rink, so this season’s sports programs have delighted many. More than 30 skating schools were organized at ice rinks throughout Croatia and abroad, where small and large skaters practiced their first skating moves, while others improved their skills on the ice.

There was no shortage of fun and laughter at the other sports programs, of which there were almost 60 this year, which enriched the skating experience for the visitors and provided unforgettable moments. So, the ice bikes were always on the move, for races on ice tracks an additional seat was required, just like in the ice bocce competition.

Sports programs will be further enriched next season – with new props that are already in preparation!