Ice Wonderland penguin

Ice Wonderland penguin presented to the audience and became the seasonal hit

The trademark of “Ice Wonderland”, the cute and cheerful “Ice Wonderland” penguin, was the main hit among the youngest visitors of the “Ice Wonderland” skating rink this year. The skaters couldn’t wait for the announced socializing with the penguin, who cheered them up at the openings, entertainment and sports programs, where there was no shortage of laughter and joy.

As part of his animation program, the “Ice Wonderland” penguin taught children how to skate and dance, distributed sweets and was always ready to “give me five” or a hug of encouragement to the little skaters.

Everyone was interested in taking photos with the penguin, so our penguin was certainly the most photographed face on the ice this season, whose photos from numerous Croatian cities, as well as those abroad, flooded social networks.

Children are counting down to the next meeting with the “Ice Wonderland” penguin, and the new season will bring even more exciting surprises and activities on the ice, which are already in preparation.