Ice rink at your location

You want winter joy on ice?

Delight all generations with the ice rink at your location

Why is the ice rink a key factor in the success of the winter tourism offers and the event tourism?
The importance of the event’s Advent and winter tourism has been convinced by a number of organizers, so as part of the holiday winter programs, numerous ice rinks are already planned and organized this year, which include entertainment, sports, music events that tie a wide gastronomic offer with them.

The maintenance of events in a place is particularly significant due to the consumption of visitors – both local visitors and tourists who have been coming to the UK more and more in recent years to spend unforgettable experiences right in Advent time. Also, event tourism has a promotional function, both for the venue itself and for the region and the whole of the UK.

“The expansion of the offers of the event tourism is undoubtedly a key factor for the extension of the tourist season. Therefore, it is important to raise awareness among entrepreneurs, local and state authorities as well as to promote the benefits that it brings to the whole society. “- said Rahela Bošnjak, communication director of Ice Wonderland, which in addition to the production and construction of the rink is engaged in organizing additional events on ice.

The unavoidable part of the event tourism are certainly the skating rinks, which are the favorite gatherings of numerous visitors without which the entire winter experience would not be the same. This is precisely why an increasing number of organizers are choosing ice rinks and ice parks for their programs, offer and events.

“Ice rinks are powered by family, excursion, but also weekend tourism. Therefore, we always propose to the cities to place a catering offer next to the ice rinks, but we also propose additional entertainment facilities for children and young people at ice rinks such as ice shows for the youngest, organizing sports competitions, ice skating school, disco entertainment on ice and other thematic content – to maximize their profits and justify investment. “- said Rahela Bošnjak.

This year ice rinks will be installed across the UK. Each organizer has its own factor to try to attract as many visitors as possible this winter. This type of tourism on the one hand greatly enriches the holiday experience as well as the social life of citizens and tourists, while on the other hand it raises the image and promotion of cities, the level and scope of tourist offer, increases the number of seasonal jobs as well as brings income to the local community and the entrepreneurs, craftsmen and individuals involved.